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Amy Wahl

This contest was established to honor Amy Wahl, who was an incredible friend, a contagiously passionate librarian, and an avid reader and writer.

Amy encouraged her teenage library patrons to read and write, even during the difficult times...perhaps especially during the difficult times.  She shared her love of literature, TV, film, and music with them, guiding them toward that perfect book, movie, or song that would speak to what they were going through.  

Amy was a powerful, inspirational force in the lives of everyone who came in contact with her, especially her family and friends. She taught us that life is about making a positive impact on others and enjoying the time you are given.  

With her tattoo reading, “Dayenu,” Amy taught us that appreciating the blessings of life, including the seemingly small ones like a good book or a delicious dessert, is essential. In the words of a poem she wrote in her senior year of high school,

“I want to live life to the fullest, enjoy every moment without worrying about the consequences.

 When my time is up, I pray to God that my life was full of mistakes and happy accidents.”  

Although Amy’s time was up way earlier than it ever should have been, we hope that this contest will make a fitting legacy for Amy by encouraging young adults to write- write to process your thoughts and feelings, write to entertain others, write to entertain yourself...write because everyone has a story worth telling.

~Lauren Blum

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